Swamp Thing: the 1983 movie

The Swamp Thing series was a spin off of the movie series produced in the 1980's. The first was made by producers Benjiman Melniker and Michael E. Uslan. They obtained the rights to Batman and Swamp Thing, forming Batfilm Productions to produce the properties. When backing could not be obtained for Batman, production went forward on the lower budgeted Swamp Thing.

Directed by Wes Craven

Louis Jordan as Arcane
Adrienne Barbeau as Alice Cable
Ray Wise as Alec Holland
Dick Durock as Swamp Thing

Alice Cable (Adrienne Barbeau) arrives in the swamp to assist Dr. Alec Holland in his secret govenrment research. Holland is developing a super plant with his sister, Linda. When Arcane's men attack the lab, Linda is killed and Holland falls buring into the swamp. Alice escapes before the lab explodes.

The explosion and fire change Alec Holland into the creature we know as Swamp Thing (Dick Durock).   Swamp Thing emerges from the murky bayou to rescue Alice from Archane's hencmen.   Swamp Thing and Alice are pursued and captured.

Arcane (Louis Jordan) finally obtains Holland's secret formula.   He hosts a "Felliniesque" party in which he tests Holland's formula on one of his henchmen.

Archane eventually trys the formula himself and becomes a mutant.  The movie ends in a battle between Swamp Thing and the Arcane mutant.

This film is played straight, with very little humor. Actor Ray Wise portrays a somewhat obsessive Alec Holland. To me he will always be Laura Palmer's father in the series Twin Peaks.  Wise actually guest starred in an episode of the Swamp Thing TV series.  . Some elements that carried over to the series include Arcane's mutants, Swamp Things ability to heal people, his need for sunlight. The costume looked pretty bad. The movie was shot around Charleston. South Carolina.


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