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Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is an adult comedy that premiered on Showtime in the summer of 1995. A second season ran in the summer of 1996. The show focused on the Sanford Baker Family of earthquake ravaged Sherman Oaks, California. Showtime billed it as "America's Favorite Dysfunctional Family".

Sherman Oaks is gone, but its memory will live on.

This website needs your help.  I would like to set up a photo gallary, so if you have any Sherman Oaks photos, please pass them my way!

Sherman Oaks News
updated 3/20/07

Chris Bearde, creator of Sherman Oaks has launched The Chris Bearde Comedy Network online featuring clips from his many television productions and performances. Go to and click on the Hello TV link. Once that loads up, you'' see a link to the Chris Bearde Funnies.  Check it out.... you'll need to turn the "adult filter" off!

Old News:

I've added a few photos to the Sherman Oaks photo gallery

Check out Chris Beard's website. He was the producer of Sherman Oaks.


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