Wyatt Orr’s Monster Models

I have been an avid character model builder for 10+ years and am quite proud of some of my pieces. I just wanted to send you some pics of models I have built. All of these models are painted without the use of airbrush, mostly drybrush and wash techniques.

Any advice for beginners?…..hmmm….I would just say, spend alot of time preparing the piece…ie:sanding/filling and priming and when painting…..get creative, after all, it’s YOUR model!

The kits are Screamin’s Pinhead, Screamin’s Mars Attacks, GEOmetric’s Mummy & GEOmetric’s Creature from the Black Lagoon. These are all basically built without any customizing. I try to use slightly subdued colors (never straight from the bottle, always mixed) unless comic/cartoon characters, as I find it gives them a more realistic, lifelike appearance.

Wyatt Orr

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