Wonderfest 2016 – News from Moebius and Round 2

Lots of news news from Moebius Models and Round 2 at Wonderfest 2016.   I am just posting a few pics with the info I have at this time.  Only Moebius and Round 2 were at the show this year.    Atlantis, Pegasus, and Revell did not attend.

First, Round 2….


Here is the box mock up for the 50th anniversary reissue of the 1:350 classic Enterprise.  This will have the updated smooth hull.


Your first look at the smooth hull!  No grid lines!   This will be sold separately for those of you that already have the kit.  These are expected in the fall.


The Tomorrow Is Yesterday F-104 kit.   Out this summer


The long awaited return of the Excelsior this summer


The Enterprise D will also return and is clear plastic.


Currently in the design and planning stage is  a set of all seven 1:2500 Enterprise kits including a new NX-01.  This is planned for late 2016….


The set of Lindberg spacecraft.


A reissue of the Hawk Tactical Guided Missile.


The previously announced Batmissile with a deluxe display base.


The release of the Sweaty Swatter.  This is a Lindberg kit that was never finished back in the 60’s

Round 2 also has plans for additional variations of the 22″ Eagle.

And from Moebius….. BIG NEWS is that they now have a license for 2001: A Space Odyssey.   Initial plans are to reissue the Orion with some minor improvements, and a straight reissue of the Moonbus.    There are no specific plans on other kits yet.  No further kit announcements, no speculation what kits or scales will be produced.  Nothing has been decided.   Moebius also has the license for Independence Day 2, although no specific kits are announced.


Moebius announced a new Batman v. Superman Batplane!  This is a 1:24 scale kit and currently in development


Also coming are resin figure kits of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman was not on display.



Here’s a first look at the resin 1:5 Batgirl kit which should be out later this year.    This is separate from the line of 1:8 scale plastic Batman ’66 kits.


The next kit in the Batman ’66 line will be Penguin.   This test shot was primed dark gray, so I have adjusted the levels to help show the detail.    Robin is still coming, but needs some adjustments.   Riddler should also be out this year.


And a new look at Bane’s armored Tumbler, coming later this year.


We got the first look at the recently announced Fly kit.  This is sculpted by Jeff Yagher.  It will first be produced as a larger resin kit, and later a smaller plastic version will be produced.    Please note this is not related in any way to the kit Monarch wanted to produce.   Moebius did not “take over” anything from Monarch.   As noted previously, Moebius has a license to produce products from all of the Fly movies.


The Death Dealer made its first appearance at Wonderfest.   This is an all new sculpt by Jeff Yagher.   Build up by David Fisher.


The much anticipated Battlestar Galactica Raptor.  This is currently delayed when Moebius works out the license renewal.


There will be a separate set of parts sold to make the fully armed version of the ship.


Another surprise from Moebius will be a reissue of the Halloween Michael Myers figure.  This uses the old Polar Lights tooling which was acquired by Moebius.


And here are a couple shots of the Proteus prototype that should be out by the end of the year.


I will post more photos when I get the chance, but for now, this should give you plenty to get excited about.   A little something for everyone – Star Trek, Monsters, Heroes, the Proteus and  more Spacecraft.

We have no firm release dates for these kits.   They will come out when they are ready!  We’ll bring you more details when we have them.


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