Wonderfest 2016 Preview #8: Moebius Models


Moebius Models will have a presentation on Saturday afternoon at Wonderfest.  Expect to hear announcements for several new kits.  You’ll also get a chance to see some of the upcoming releases for the first time.   After the presentation we’ll have some of the models on display at the CultTVman booth in the dealers room.   Be sure to come by and a close look at the Proteus and Raptor models!


Moebius just announced that the Death Dealer kit will be at the show.  Here is a photo  of the build up.  The figure was sculpted by Jeff Yagher and the build up is done by David Fisher.  The background in this image is the original Frazetta painting.


My thanks to Frank Winspur at Moebius Models for sharing!

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