Wonderfest 2012 – Moebius Models announces Classic Galactica, Catwoman, Munsters and more!

Moebius Models had an incredible presentation and selection of kit announcements at Wonderfest this year.   The big news was a series of new kits from the original Battlestar Galactica television series.

On display was  a large, classic Cylon Raider.   The Raider will be 1:32 scale, and roughly 18 inches in size.   There will also be a new 1:32 scale Colonial Viper, and an all new classic Battlestar Galactica in scale with the Galactica kit from the new series.     There will also be a series of finished display models from the new Galactica series, much like the Seaview and Moonbus display models

Moebius also announced they will reissue the Aurora Forgotten Prisoner of Castle Mare.   This reissue will use the original Aurora tooling, and will come in a long box complete with the Aurora and Famous Monsters logos.   There will also be a limited Frightning Lightning version.

There will be two new Munsters figure kits in the classic Aurora style and scale.   Herman and Grandpa will be sold separately, but the bases are designed to join together.   The sculpts were done by Jeff Yagher.

The Munsters House, 1313 Mockingbird Lane was on display for the first time.  This is a build up of the first test shot.   The kit is based on the garage kit originally patterned by Marc King and enhanced with more accurate details.

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman and BatPod is a larger version of the previously issued Pod kit.  The bigger scale is now about 1:18.  Catwoman was sculpted by Jeff Yagher.

The upcoming Mighty Kogar Monsters of the Movies kit was on display.  This kit was previously announced and this was the first chance for most people to see the build up.   Moebius also had blown up the box art to poster size for the show and it looks fantastic.

Moebius will also be offering a larger, resin base for the Bride of Frankenstein kit.  This will be sold separately from the Bride kit.  The will be a prepainted resin statue of the Bride kit released later in the year as well.

Moebius also announced an HO scale kit of Mel’s Drive-In from American Graffiti.     For those of you waiting on the Tumbler, that pushed back to later in the year.      And look forward to some more announcements in October at iHobbyExpo.


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  1. The kits looks great – FYI, I designed the MUNSTERS kits for Moebius – Had a great time working with them. It’s always great to see your designs realized in 3D, Jeff Yagher did an amazing job, and the final sculpts look 99% like my initial sketches!

    Chris Mason

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