Wolfgang Bittermann’s X Wing


Here are some pictures of my X-Wing Rogue Three, which was also on your “On The Bench” section.  I modified the inner wings and the cockpit interior.

I am sorry that i cant explain all the modifications in English. I found some good pics of the Rogue Three studio model in a “Technical Journal”, even the “Behind the Magic” cd-rom has some nice photos of the models side view.  I also referred to James Davis` “Making the X-Wing” page who has alot of great tips for detailing this kit.

As you can see I used the Death Star surface display which comes with the 2 tie fighter kit as display stand.

I didn’t give much work to the display. just white and a few highlights in silver,light yellow and grey.

I hope you enjoy my pics. anytime i finished a model with modifications and i think i am the first one who did that. but usually later on i find pictures in the net of the same model that looks better than mine. but i guess that happens to many modellers. and  sometimes that is a good motivation to go on building models to me.

Wolfgang Bittermann

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