William Powell’s Seaview


It took me a long time to figure out on what I was going to do with the kit but I planned ahead on what to do. I did some research with some paint on what color I should put it. I went to Bobe’s Hobbies in Pensacola, Florida and looked at some marine colors and what I spotted was the closest one. #5-0 Ocean Gray and Camoflauge Gray. #5-0 is kind of a light ghost gray but a tad bit darker. Then I started on the ship itself and had to use some putty to fill the cracks into it and the hull had to be primed. Then I worked on the control room and hangar for the FS-1. I glued the hatch on the bottom and went on ahead and make the FS-1 like it is flying with the stand. I went by the book on the paint schemes and it turned out real well. After the control room and hanger was finished, I went on ahead to put LED lights so the control room can be lit up so you can see it through the windows. So everything looks real well and I am happy with my model….

William Powell

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