William Mattes’ Frankenstein kits

This is the Boris Karloff Horizon Frankenstein which was also done in acrylic paint. I then sculpted the dungeon wall and floor out of sculpty and base coated it black before adding dry brushing of greys and browns.

The last kit is the Randy Bowen cold cast Frankenstein. I started out by base coating the whole kit black before dry brushing on the top coats. I like to keep the colors of my kits dark and subtle. I feel it gives the kits a more realistic feel to them. I didn’t like the fact that the chains he was attached to were real silver chain links so I base coated them black also and then painted them a brownish rust color to give them an older look. I then used gravel textured paint to paint the chair pedestal and the floor to give it a stone look.

William Mattes

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