William Clayton’s Munsters House

In building the Munster house, I relied on over 500 video captures of the house from the TV series and the movie Munster, Go Home. I counted clapboards to determine heights of walls, used the characters as guidelines in determining widths, and even counted the number of steps a character would take from one side of a room to another to determine width. Still, it’s all approximate but I believe I came pretty close.

The model took roughly three months of work but part of that time was “down time” waiting on supplies to arrive. The house is luan plywood on a 3/4 plywood base and finally mounted on 3/4 pine board. The lights are battery operated Christmas-type lights and work quite well, I think. The windows are Grandt Line plastic windows into which I inserted clear plastic “glass”, each one cut individually. Each window has a shade and curtains. The front doors are scratch built and the lion door knockers are made of bakeable clay while the rest of the doors are wood.

I found it was easier to “age” the house as I went along rather than do it all at the end. The dead tree out front is scratch built from wire, Sculpey clay, plaster, bandages, moss, and other assorted items I found. Most of the other trees are hobby shop trees. The weathervane is bakeable clay, the antenna is plastic rod, and the house is covered in textured plastic sheets. Some of the moss and vines are real while others are plastic. The front chimney is wood cut from a solid piece of mahogany. The front stone fence was made from bakeable clay and the “cast iron” set into the top of the stone is reworked from an old cemetery kit, cut and pasted back together into the proper form. The “chain link fence” on the left, shown in only two episodes, is scratch built as well, as is the entire carriage house.

William Clayton


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