Wes Long’s Dark Shadows Barnabas

I wanted to incorporate the small flagstone base Barnabas came with but I knew it would need expanding on. I sculpted the grass, earth and rocks out of clay and then struck a quick latex mold and cast the final base out of resin.

I decided this was the perfect project to use my Polar Lights/Aurora Monster Customizing Kit. I used one of the skulls, bats, branches and tombstone. A branch from an old Aurora Creature kit made up the bottom part of the tree. The tufts of grass were left over glow pieces from a Dracula kit I built way back in 1983.

I whipped up a nameplate from balsa foam, made a quick mold, cast it in resin and blended it into the tombstone.

The figure was much nicer than expected and features some great details and textures. It required little modification other than adding some much needed eyeballs. These were quickly made out of epoxy putty.

I had a blast building this kit and it looks great along side the Aurora classics.

Wes Long


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