Wayne K. Hough’s Kronos One


A client requested a lighted Kronos One, we had done business before so I decided to go all out for this project. Built from the AMT “Undiscovered Country” K’tinga reissue, with modifications. Lit windows are fiber optics, the warp engines each had a small neon tube installed. Fitting the inverter and all wiring inside was challenging, but allowed model to be removable from display stand so owner could display as he wished.

Additional surface detail was added by hand to enhance the rather smooth bridge area. Color scheme for original filming miniature is very striking in person, so it was decided to tone down the maroon a bit and enhance some of the gray plates to more closely resemble the “on screen” appearance. After the decals were sealed down, a light weathering wash completed the elaborate paint job which was then given a matte finish sealer coat.

Brass photoetch parts (available from CultTVMan) made the gold metallic detailing easy, and was especially useful for correct warp engine patterns. A blue overlay was used (green being more commonly associated with Romulan ships) plus the blue contrasted better against red areas. LEDs light the forward torpedo tube, ramscoop, and impulse engines. Additional LEDs were used for upper hull floodlights, and blinking running lights.

I added client’s name in Klingon to floodlit area on upper hull opposite the Klingon symbol for balance, and to personalize the model. While not 100% screen accurate, it was first time I’d done a floodlighting effect and turned out better than I hoped. Challenging, but overall a fun build.

Wayne K. Hough

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