Wayne Hough’s Jupiter 2 updated

Wayne originally submitted this to the site in 2001.   Photos were updated in 2016



The movie Jupiter2 was first sprayed flat white; top hull was masked & blue areas carefully cut out, then sprayed a light blue gloss; this will give contrasting finishes later. Recessed areas were painted flat black, detailed with silver & gold. Clear bottom disc & upper piping also detailed silver & gold. I used blue LightSheet for the rear; this was carefully drilled to let light through the many exhausts, then painted flat black. Interior side panels were painted flat black, and detailed. Outer side panels were shades of gray & blue; with tiny bulbs underneath. The area under clear circular bottom was cut out, & 6 bulbs arranged inside. A tiny bulb lit the bridge. Putty sealed gaps & light leaks, and fiber optics were used for running lights. After decaling, gloss coat was sprayed overall, smoothing the flats & giving shine to silver, gold & gloss areas.

Wayne K. Hough

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