Wayne Hough’s Battlestar Pegasus


I was contacted to custom light a Moebius Battlestar Pegasus, which was challenging as I’d never done one before. Fortunately the detail & quality made lighting a bit easier, this kit has the best parts fit I’ve ever seen!

First I researched CGI ship shown on TV, learning many of the lights did not have a direct source, so several fiber optic filaments were carefully hidden to provide reflected or indirect light, especially in the side trench area of front section, to simulate the indirect lighting effect. Others were placed to provide direct light were necessary along main hull.
Backlighting the landing bays was done with LEDs, as were Pegasus nameplates. Instead of using white name decals, I painted name dark to contrast with backlighting. Each of the 8 engines has its own LED as well.


Some hull panels were painted various shades of gray for additional detailing, and blast marks added on request to make ship appear it had survived many Cylon attacks. Some of the launch tubes were opened up and lit from within to simulate an active launching status.



Several very tiny details were picked out in metallic silver, such as rail gun barrels and surface markings to increase sense of scale. A light weathering wash was applied, then a matte sealer.


Model is powered by an A/C adaptor, with wires running through a tube painted black to hide them and the metal suport post. Another great Moebius kit!


Wayne K. Hough

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