Trevor Alderson’s X Wing


Red 5 standing by……..

Here are a few photos of the AMT Pro Shop X-Wing Fighter model kit which I have just completed.

This is really my first project using an airbrush. All of the electronics are in place and work perfectly; the effect of the lighting is very impressive. The kit has been built stock out of the box; the only component I added was the yellow plastic visor onto the pilot’s helmet!

Lots of filling and sanding is needed to get the wings and the engines looking good. The cockpit, pilot and R2D2 were painted and detailed first, and then I put together the wing components and painted them before putting everything together with the main body.

The overall color was applied (light Gull Grey) and then the decals. The panel lines were then highlighted with a dark wash. This was then followed by airbrushing effects, dry brushing and washes to add weathering and battle damage. Much of my reference was obtained from the Art of Star Wars book which has some excellent photos of the studio model. My version is based on Red 5 although I did add the blue swirls to all four laser guns (not just two). I also opted for a very beat up look (maybe I overdid it!). This ship looks like it just fought all of the clone wars by itself.

Overall I’m very happy with the finished model as a display piece and it is a nice size (14″ long body with a 12″ wing span).

I wish that I had painted the inside of the body black which would have made the lighting far more effective inside the cockpit. Upon reflection, I also wish I had chosen a different color scheme for the base; the greys and blacks are a bit too bland.

The force is strong with this one…………

Trevor Alderson

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