Trent Bennett’s Enterprise A

This is the old AMT/ERTL 1/537th version of the Star Trek VI Enterprise-A kit that came with the shuttlecraft. I know people are gonna say, “The seam lines, the seam lines.”  I’ll explain more on that later on.

For the engines (black areas) I used a permanent black marker to carefully do the outer edges, then used paint to fill in the ares. The arboretum windows as well as the windows on the back part of the saucer were done by a fine tip altra permanent marker. It was also applied to the impulse engines and torpedeo launchers.

For the battle burns, those were all done by hand via drybrush. I watched Star Trek VI at the time I was making them so I could get the number of burns right and in the right places. There was never a clear shot from underneath where the torpedo went straight through the saucer section, so I had to guess on where to place it. I was very happy how they turned out. I’ll be using the same technique for the Enterprise-C.

The decals are a combination of the original decals that came with the kit and JT Graphics.

As I said I know people are gonna say, “The seam lines, the seam lines!”. I didn’t want to take the time to accurize the kit. I would rather save that for the 1/100th and 1/350th versions of the kit from Round 2.

Anyways, onto the pictures, enjoy!

Trent Bennett


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  1. did you have a problem putting the nacelle struts in, or did you need to use a structurally integrity method? very nice job.

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