Trent Bennett’s 1:350 NX-01

This is the Polar Lights 1/350th NX-01 kit that came out a couple of years ago. This is my first kit in just over 5 years. It took about two months to build as I had to wait in between to get supplies and such for it.

The main base coat of the ship was sprayed with Krylon Satin Nickel that you can get at a store like Wal-Mart. At first I used a much brighter silver but I did not like the way how bright it was. One of my friends suggested the Satin Nickel and I think it looks a lot better with it. I initally wanted to have battle damage on her to reflect (or similar) how badly damaged she was in the episode “Azati Prime”. However, at the same time I did not want to put physical battle damage on the model so I opted out and got the PNT Battle Damaged Decals from Federation Models.

I also knew I could not paint the aztecing by hand with how it looks on the original CG model. I knew that Acreation had made some excellent aztec decals for the model and I was able to acquire them. I applied them a section at a time as I didn’t want to ruin them. All though some of them ended up curling on me or ripping. So to cover up those mistakes I cleverly placed a battle damaged decal in that specific spot.

For painting the rest of the model I practically followed the instructions. I also looked at the original CG model that you can find in high res on Ex Astris Scientia’s website, for other details that were hard to see on the instructions. I also ended up getting some replacement decals from PNT for the regular markings as some of the original decals ended up ripping on me when I was trying to apply them.

I also had a hard time getting the model together when I was building the main bulk of it. I made the mistake of following the instructions. The instructions said to join the engineering section with the saucer then glue everything together. What I should have done was glued both sections separately then joined them. Becuase I followed the instructions the tabs that held both sections in place broke and I had to super glue (and used zip kicker) both sections in place.

Despite some of the set backs with the decaling and putting together phases I am quite pleased on how she turned out. Especially since as I stated at the beginning this was my first kit in over 5 years and especially my first 1/350th kit. My next 1/350th kit will be the 1701 Refit. Anyways hope you have enjoyed this show and tell.

Trenton Bennett


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