Tory Mucaro’s ToyBiz Captain America


The kit was built pretty much out of the box with these exceptions. The Cap figure was modified to include detail left out by Toy Biz. Specifically, the star detail on his back and the chain mail (fish scale) texture on his torso. I scribed the star in by hand to use later for a guide during painting. I added the chain mail texture using a miniature wood carving gouge, pressing each semi-circle in one at a time (tedious, but not difficult). Unfortunately, this detail was somewhat obscured during painting and doesn’t show up very well in the photos, but looks pretty cool in person.

The Red Skull was built straight out of the box, with just the usual seem filling and sanding. Both figures were airbrushed using Ceramcoat, Model Master, Liquitex and Krylon spray paints. Details were then added by hand brushing.

The base was made from a piece of basswood, stained a dark mahogany color. The floor detail was taken from the kit base, a second kit base was used to provide enough surface for the circular presentation. I decided to keep the base flat with no vertical elements so as not to take attention away from the very dramatically posed figures. I went with a round base so as not to dictate a front or back, as the figures look very cool from almost every angle.
I built this to be auctioned off at my companies annual charity art auction. A good friend of mine won it and it now resides in his dining room display cabinet! All in all, a very pleasant build, and for a good cause.

Tory Mucaro

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