Tom Hering’s Space Station and Transport Rocket

This is my version of Lindberg’s “Space Base & Satellite Explorer,” a 2010 re-issue of Lindberg’s “U.S. Space Station” (1958) and “Multi-Stage Transport Rocket” (1958). Modifications to the station include (1.) relocating the landing pad radar, (2.) adding open and closed hatches to the landing pad’s docking ports, and (3.) adding a long-range antenna for communication with ships traveling to the Moon and Mars. The antenna was made from spare parts and half of a jingle-ball cat toy. I docked one of the station’s two space taxis with the shuttle stage of the transport rocket. A custom base was made to mount the station and shuttle together.


The station’s color is Testor’s #28106 Go Mango Orange, and the shuttle’s color is Krylon #1030 Sterling Silver. Decals are a combination of kit decals and decals from my spares box. This year, Round 2 / Lindberg will make these models available again as part of their “5 Space Ships of the Future” reissue.

Tom Hering


  1. Tom,You did an outstanding and imaginative job in this build of the Lindberg model. My hats off to you.
    Joel Tavera

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