Thomas Johnson’s Movie Enterprise


Here are some photos of my finally completed ST: TMP Enterprise. The bridge, lower sensor array, deflector dish and housing, photon torpedo launcher tubes, impulse deflection crystal, and bussard intakes have all been replaced with accurate resin parts from DLM. I added the rec room windows and the port side gangway hatch and corrected the slope of the aft B and C deck area as well.

All of the access hatches on the hull have been relocated to their proper positions. The docking ports have all been resized to their proper dimensions. Also the pylons that support the warp nacelles have been thickened to match the studio model, and I also reinforced them with brass to increase their strength.

The paint scheme is accurate to the first three feature films. I used the same pearl and opalescent paints that were used to paint the 8′ filming model. It is difficult to tell in the photos but the Aztec pattern that is duplicated all over the model will change to a reflective blue and a little purple. It took almost 3 months to paint this. The decals are JT Graphics.

The only fault is the port lower running light, which was working when the hull was sealed won’t light, but to replace it would require breaking the hull open, and after all the work to make the joint seamless I did not want to damage it.

Thomas E. Johnson

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