The Secret History of the Munsters House part 2

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On The Bench 255

As I noted previously, we thought of this kit as a “model that Aurora should have produced.”   To that end, we wanted the kit to have some classic “Aurora style” packaging.   I reached out to Chris White, who had painted several box covers for Polar Lights including The Wolfman, the second Jupiter 2 box, and Dr. Smith and the Robot.   Chris created this cover painting for the box, which really reflected well on the kit.

Around this time, Playing Mantis has produced Johnny Lightning cars of the Munster’s Koach and Dragula.  Technically, the cars were 1:64 scale, and the house was 1:87 scale, but given that “movie studio scale” is not exact I felt the cars were “close enough”   to the kit scale.   I was able to purchase a number of the car sets from Doll & Hobby Shoppe in Deland, Florida so we were able to include the cars with the kit.

The casting on the kits was done by Erin Lantz.  The original runs of the kit were cast in blue resin.  Erin did a great job on the castings.  Detail was crisp, flash was minimal, walls were flat.  It was a sweet looking kit.

Marc King did the build up for the instruction sheet.   Here are some of the photos documenting the build up of the very first kit.

To be continued…



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