Ted Koch’s Deadly Two Headed Sea Creature


The Seaview encountered many huge, strange and dangerous sea creatures, but possibly none as famous as the monstrous two headed sea creature. The sea creature became a star in its own right and was featured in several Voyage episodes as well as Lost in Space.

In the 1st season black in white episode the Condemned the Seaview was entangled in the challenges of the human condition against the shadow of the looming two headed sea creature. In the episode Deadly Creature Below the Seaview is pitted against two escaped convicts and the giant two headed sea creature. In the episode the Keeper on Lost in Space the creature was one of the creatures bumbling Dr. Smith accidentally released from the Keepers Ship. The Creature was also featured in the episode the Raft as a plant creature that cornered Will and Smith.

The two headed sea creature may owe most of its fame from its starring role on the Viewmaster episode Deadly Creature Below.

The episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Lost in Space were very instrumental in creating my sea monster diorama. Screen shots took a prominent role in the design, construction, and color schemes.

Beneath the wild coat and skin of my original two headed sea creature is a plastic doll, with properly proportioned dimensions and height. Two wood balls on wood dowels were affixed to the shoulders of the doll. The body, skin and coat were created and shaped with layers of paper mache.

I have always enjoyed the watery font style used on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and replicated this design as a model nameplate plaque. The Sea creature and nameplate fit into a specially designed ocean bottom base.

An adjustable mold box was utilized to replicate the shapes in RTV. The molds were filled with two part epoxy resin and out emerged exact duplicates of my originals. The newly molded pieces with the help of airbrush took on the look of the creature that had the Seaview in its grasp.

The grasp of the creatures hand provides the electrical power to the lights in the Seaview’s bow. Tapewire was applied to the creatures hand and the keel of the Seaview.

The completed sea creature makes an excellent creative stand to show off my completed, lighted Moebius Seaview model. For any wishing a creative model stand, resin casts are available for purchase.

The two headed sea creature was a fun, challenging and rewarding project.



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