Tales from the Apocalypse figures in the CultTVman Hobbyshop


We’ve added a new line of figure kits from Japan called “Tales From The Apocalypse.”  This is a series of 1:16 scale plastic model kits that depict a zombie story line.  The first three figures are create a scene called “Scene 1 (Day 1, 11:50 am on freeway)” which captures the moment when the Heroine awakes surrounded by zombies.  Each kit features 15 to 20 parts and stands 4 to 4.5 inches when assembled.   The kits are creatively packaged in a B movie, VHS style box and the instructions are designed to look like a newspaper.

Kits are available in the CultTVman Hobbyshop

Here is the story….
Scene 1: Day 1, 11:50 am on freeway
After awaking from the accident on the freeway, our heroine realized that she had been unconscious for a while.  She crawled out from the car confused and scared and tried to call police, but the line was  dead. Her cell phone reads 11:50 a.m.  Looking around she sees that she’s surrounded by tons of other wrecked cars.  Maybe there was some sort of wide spread disaster that caused the phones to go down.  She had been on the way to pick up her little sister, Cindy who was staying at a relative’s house.

If the same thing is happening there, Cindy must be in danger.  Besides, she was passed out for almost half a day after the accident.  Cindy must be worried sick, because she was supposed to come home last night.  As she searches for signs of life or a phone, or someone to tell her what’s going on a figure is coming closer. Step by step the shadowy figure moves towards her.  She calls out to him, but there’s no answer.  As he gets closer, she realizes why, getting a better look.  The waddling fat guy looks like a truck driver, but half of his body is horribly wounded from an accident.

It’s hard to believe he could survive such a serious injury.  He walks slowly like a somnambulist his eyes cloudy and fishy each step a struggle.  She sensed instinctively she must keep away from him and looked around desperately for help, then saw a traffic guard standing there holding a stop sign. Maybe he could help.  She ran to him, but noticed his back and head were ripped open, exposing his spine and even his brain!

Now it hits her, these people are “dead.” But how can this be? What’s going on here?  ll of these people should be dead but they are walking around her, their limbs jerking around spastically.  There’s not a lot of time to be terrified, the image of her little sister Cindy fills her head. She needs to get to her right away and make sure she’s okay.  She heads out onto the freeway towards her beloved sister.

Her long journey has begun in a town where the dead bodies have woken up…


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