Super Spaceship Light Kit from Tenacontrol & Paragrafix

Here’s a new light kit that I’ve had in the works for a while.   The Super Spaceship Light Kit is made up of three separate lighting components  offering a solid state alternative for lighting your classic starship.


You get the following units:

Starship Window Light Set from Paragrafix – light the interior of your starship using Paragrafix’ EasyLED strips.   This includes enough EasyLEDs for the interior of your model as well as red impulse engines.   Wiring, switch and 9 volt battery clip included.  Templates are also included to build interior “light boxes” to minimize light bleed through.

Large Spinning Discs from Tenacontrols -  This duel disc circuit is preassembled and ready to install.   Discs simulate the rotation of fanblades in your engines.   Each disc has over 20 LEDs!  Also includes 9 volt battery clip and momentary switch.

Running Lights/Strobe Unit from Tenacontrols – preassembled circuit controls running lights (LEDs) for the primary hull, strobes for the secondary hull and includes two LEDs for lighting the shuttle bay.

The circuit boards are all preassembled, and the LEDs are wired.   You will still need to do some soldering, so some experience with assembling electronics is recommended.      You can minimize the amount of soldering by using the EasyLED connectors from Paragrafix.  These will need to be purchased separately.

You can order this light kit in the CultTVman Hobbyshop



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