Steven Vasko’s Seaview

This is the 1/128 Moebius Models TV version Seaview model kit. It’s LED-lit both in the kit itself as well as the scratch-built base. Preisler 1/125 railway figures were included in the Control Room and were pressed into duty as frogmen around the Diving Bell (Apple 1) and the downed Russian nuclear missile. The missile is decorated with typical Irwin Allen-style girder-work and is kit-bashed from a “Blue Steel” nuclear missile taken from an 1/72 Airfix Vulcan bomber and is equipped with a blinking white LED to stand in for the missile’s reactor. Blinking LEDs were also used as flashing sonar screens in the Control Room.

The base itself consists of cardboard and florist’s foam bricks surrounding the kit supplied pedestal bases and wiring for the diorama. After all wiring attachments were finalized DAS Modeling Compound was sculpted over the foundation of the base. When dry, the compound was painted and decorated with real seashells as well as craft store items (ex.-pieces of sponge, pipe cleaners, etc.) used to stand in for undersea vegetation. With the inclusion of the TV show logo plaque the project was complete.

Steven Vasko

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