Steven Vasko’s Lunar Models Discovery


This is a Lunar Models “2001 Discovery” resin model kit that I got a hold of and built. During my research for the kit I was lucky enough to find online photos of the original kit prototype’s build and the original kit’s four-page instruction manual, first printed in 1989. These item’s gave me an idea’s on how to handle the kit and it’s base. The front sphere (command module) detaches from it’s collar and uses the same basic layout for the electronic items as suggested in the 1989 instructions, with the slide switch inside the setup being attached to the movable rails of the Space Pod platform (to allow for switching the power for the interior “on” or “off” with a tug of the platform), but with the suggested original lights and power supply being upgraded with two frosted 10mm White LEDs and three 3vt coin batteries stacked together and wired like batteries in a flashlight. Since a Space Pod was not included in my kit, I had to scratch-build three, a detailed central Pod to rest on it’s platform and two simpler Pods for the vehicles stowed inside the ship. Tiny photos of the interior of the Pod Bay as seen in the film were printed and mounted on the walls of the interior to add detail, and a photo of the bridge seen from outside was printed and sandwiched between the clear window plastic and the LEDs. Extra detailing was added all over the kit to both upgrade it and accurize the kit in accordance with Shane Johnson’s original plans which this kit is actually based upon. The acrylic sheet and wood base is taken after the one shown in the photo’s of the kit’s original build-up.

Steven Vasko

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