Steven Vasko’s Lunar 2001 Pod


This is an old Lunar Models “2001 Space Pod” that I augmented with battery-driven LED lighting. The hardest part of the build was hollowing out the solid plastic out of the front and back halves of the Pod with a Dremel tool equipped with a sanding drum. The LED lighting posed no problem once I figured out a way to fit 6 LED’s with resistors and wiring into my newly made cavity inside the model. A photo of Kier Duilea in a space helmet was found online, reduced, and printed onto a sheet of paper which was trimmed and sandwiched between the Pod’s front window and a frosted 5mm White LED. The spindly kit supplied arms were upgraded with lengths of styrene tubing with piano wire reinforcements. The slide switch for the model, the 9vt battery snap, and the black plastic base it rests in were “Radio Shack” finds.

Steven Vasko

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