Steven Coffey’s Refit Enterprise


This is my Enterprise refit model .I built this model because I think that this is the best looking of all the Star Trek ships. When I started this project I set out to build the best model I could build with my limited skill. Well with a little help from Don Matthy’s resin parts and decals and some decals from Webgames that I purchased from a local hobby shop, I think I have done quite well. The only major problems were the decals. I had a lot of them tear when I was putting them on and I don’t mean just mean the after market ones. In fact the original ones gave me the worst problems, but them being 15 years old had a lot to do with that! The model is lit with LEDs. I had to use yellow LEDs for the white running lights since I could not find white LEDs small enough to fit the holes. All of the running lights blink. In all I think I have about 25 LEDs in the ship! This is the most work I have ever put into any model andI over ran both my budget and my wife’s patience (nothing like model pieces, sandpaper, and wire all over the house to get the wife annoyed!)

Steven Coffey

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