Steven Carricato’s Force Awaken’s Resistance X-Wing


The kit is the new, released Revell X wings from The Force Awakens.  The first thing I did was carve out the seat and added my own pilot.  The pilot is half of Anakin Naboo fighter legs and a 15 millimeter gaming figure that had Star Wars helmets. Next I drilled out the engine so I could light it with orange LEDs.   Step 2 was drilling tiny holes for the mag wire to fit inside the fuselage. (Mag wire is the size of your hair ).  Step 3, I drilled holes in the cockpit and added fiber optics.  At the end of the fiber optics was one clear LED and a green LED for the navigation screen.  Step 4, I wired it all to ear phone jack at the back of the fuselage. This will be the stand for the power supply. I then added extra detail on the engines and bits of squares all over the ship.   I closed off the landing gear holes, for in flight mode. Then  I airbrushed blue color to the bottom wings because the model comes pre-painted from the top but not on the bottom. Last weathering pastels and washes finished.

Steve Carricato



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