Steve Ozment’s Battlestar Galactica

Here is my version of the Mobius Battlestar Galactica. I used the “deluxe” set of Accreation decals – which included the armor and the detail in between the ribs. It is quite a bit of work trimming out each individual rib decal! When my set of decals arrived I noticed they had a bit of a “brown” tint – I just figured that was normal – during my project I looked at other models online I think mine may have been misprinted, however I was halfway through and decided to finish the project.

The underpaint (the decals cover every bit of the surface) is nickel silver with a light drybrush of silver which gives it an interesting metallic sheen through the decals but definitely gives the model a “bronze” tone. The model received a generous dark wash and a coat of gloss before applying decals and a coat after – I like the shine it has so I passed on the dullcoat.
The build was relatively straightforward – as most builders have commented it pays to add a strip of styrene in the upper section of the joint between the main hull and bridge section to help level it out. Also the flight pods seemed to extend to far from the main ship so I trimmed the arms by about 1/8 inch.
At first I was a little disappointed with the bronze tone of the ship – it certainly is not accurate to the television version – but it’s growing on me!

Steve Ozment

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