Steve Gardner’s Crashed Daedalus

Here’s a 1/350th scale crashed daedalus class on a Martian style planet being investigated by a movie era crew.

The main hull of the ship ( the ball) is one of those pet exercise balls, with all the holes blocked up and the addition of rippled baking foil to create impact areas.

The rest of the ship is made from plastic tubes, more foil and some card. The base is plastic covered with air drying clay rocks, painted shades of orange/red and sprinkled with Vietnam soil effect powder. This powder was essential for that Martian dust effect and was also rubbed onto the ship.

The 1/350th scale people are from L’arsenal and the shuttle is from the Polar Lights Refit Enterprise. I’ve given the shuttle a slight orange cast.

Originally, the crew would have been bigger, making the ship smaller but the contrast that the smaller people give creates a much more interesting spectacle.

Steve Gardner

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