Steve Carricato’s Lost in Space Robot


This 1/12 scale model from Moebius is a fantastic kit for lighting! I added the photoetch set from Paragrafix for the B-9 brain and grates. The lighting kit is from Starling Technologies! The kit comes ready to go with sound and flashing LEDS and fiber optics for the brain stems. Also a pig tail for more Leds which, I used for the brain stem and sensor rods. I made the torso move right to left and the claws/hands move up and down rists move 360 degrees . I put the The 9v battery in the bottom of his right track, leg with the on off switch. I  modified the brain stem sensors, which I made out of aluminum tubing  and fiber optics at the ends. Moving body parts it was a fun build!!!

Steve Carricato

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