Sneak Peak: The Derelict from Moebius Models

We bring you this first look at the upcoming kit of the Derelict from Moebius Models.   The kit should be in stock in the next two weeks.  We’re still taking preorders in the CultTVman Hobbyshop.


Here’s the final box art by John Eaves.   And below are a couple shots of the back of the box.  Mark Myers did the build up on in the photos.






As noted on the box, the kit comes with a printed cardboard interior for the kit.


Here’s a loot at the parts for the main hull.  The main hull is about 6 inches in diameter.   The model is 1:350 scale and it should be pretty impressive when fully assembled.


and the parts for the “hanger doors.”   You can build the model with the hanger doors open or closed


Here’s a couple shots of the “Propulsion Field Emitters.”  There are two different types.  The wires are to support the Jupiter 2 in flight.  The rod connects the model to the base.



And a couple shots of the Jupiter 2.   You can build this with the landing gear deployed or retracted.



And here’s a look at the instruction sheet.


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