Sneak Peak: Lost in Space Derelict from Moebius Models


Gary Kerr has been kind enough to share these photos of the upcoming Lost in Space Derelict kit.  These photos show the first test shot.

Gary said: “I did a quick & dirty assembly of the Derelict model to see how the parts fit together, and here are a few more photos of the test shot. I didn’t use any glue, and the model is only held together by friction & a little masking tape. I didn’t install the door hinges, so the panels aren’t aligned too well, and I didn’t stick the clear hemispheres on the front end, either. Presumably, the kit won’t be molded in translucent white plastic, but still, you can get a rough idea of what the model will look like.”

A couple notes from Gary:

  • [from] the 3rd episode of ‘Lost in Space’ – “The Derelict”…. the model was largely scaled off a Top Secret Blu-ray.
  • One BIG ball, lots of additional parts, and a cute Jupiter 2 that’s less than 2″ in diameter.
  • [The scale is] 1/350 – based on the 12.5″ J2 miniature (representing an early design for a 50 ft ship) and a 48″ main ball on the Derelict miniature.
  • [The Jupiter 2 is] molded in clear, so you just mask off the windows, paint it silver, and you’re done.
  • The “jaws” can be displayed open of closed, and there’s a pair of twin ridges inside the main hull in case you want to add a floor & display the Jupiter 2 parked inside.
  • The halves of the main ball are over 6.5″ in diameter – almost as large as the nacelle domes on the 11-ft TOS Enterprise.
  • For the record, the Derelict appears huge, compared to the Jupiter 2, but it scales out to approx 500 ft long – about half the length of the TOS or Refit Enterprises.
  • A size comparison of the 1/350 scale Derelict & Jupiter 2 with a 1/350 replica of the TOS Enterprise.
  • Spock: “Sorry, Professor Robinson, but you craft is slightly too large to fit through the entrance into our hangar bay.”

My thanks to Gary for permission to repost the photos and comments!

You can preorder the kit in the CultTVman Hobbyshop

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