Sean Ferrin’s Millennium Falcon

Fine Molds 1/144 Millennium Falcon. This kit, although small, is incredibly detailed and well worth buying. This is just a straight kit assembly with only “Battle Damage” mods made (with heated picks and an exacto) and I decided to paint most of the panels and markings instead of using the supplied decals. This kit was my very first attempt at weathering. I used some of the weathering articles from Cult’s site and a few YouTube videos to help me along. I used Airbrush, Dry brush and Wash techniques to attempt the right amount of “Wear” on the Falcon (tried not to overdo it). I used several Studio Filming prop photo’s from the net to get it as accurate as possible without going too crazy (have to have “some” personal touches). It’s more challenging to put detail on a smaller kit like this (it’s about 8” long by 6” wide) but the end result is well worth it, especially if you have limited display room. Hope you like it!

Sean Ferrin


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