Scott Copeland’s Starlord


Another fun, well-sculpted, and well-engineered kit from Dragon! I enjoyed this one even better than their “Dark Knight Rises” Batman! The sculpt on both heads is fantastic, and it takes very little work to make a nice replica of Peter Quill/Star-lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. It is made from the same soft/weird vinyl used on the soft parts of the “Dark Knight”, but with a good washing & scrubbing my go-to primer (Duplicolor Sandable Automotive Primer) stuck to it no problem. It’s well designed and thought-out, I was sweating the two-piece long coat till I realized the go-bag on his back hides most of that seam when attached!

With a good coat of auto lacquer primer I airbrushed the body with various reds and browns for his leather costume, I read an interview with the GotG costume designer saying Quill’s pirate clan colors were reddish brown based on the ol’ “hides blood stains to scare our enemies thing.”  Skin tones were done with Com-arts “Rojas Flesh” lightened & darkened with “white” & “burnt umber” to give his face some depth. Metal bits on the costume & mask were done with enamels & buffable metallic wax. It was a fun and easy build, only real tip I have is Silly Putty helps a lot masking the tiny parts of the 1/9 scale head & Mask.

Scott Copeland

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