Scott Copeland’s Princess Leia

Here’s another tarted-up toy, that’s the 6 inch “Leia Unleashed” figure I found for a couple of bucks. She’s had her vinyl seams sanded off, her joints filled in with thinned Bondo, and was repainted from head to toe with airbrush and detail brushes, her costume is mostly acrylics and her skin is mixed and thinned oils from tubes. She was sealed with Dullcoate, and I misted highlights with semi-gloss clear acrylic.

Artoo is a Hallmark ornament I found cheap at a garage sale, all I really did to him was seal him with Dullcoat and wash and weather him with thinned oils.

The Sailbarge base came with Leia figure, I painted different panels with flat rust and black acrylics with the airbrush,just to break up the bronze a bit. I sealed it with Dullcoate and weathered it fairly heavily with thinned oils again.

I thought she came out nice, I still get a thrill out of Carrie Fisher in that outfit!

Scott Copeland

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