Scott Copeland’s original Viper


This is the old original BSG TOS Viper, I picked up the kit at a garage sale for a measly buck. I threw it in closet and forgot about it till the Mobius kit came out, then realized it’d be a great cheap way to get some practice in and work out some paint & weathering schemes. I built it straight out of the box, nothing fancy and no aftermarket upgrade parts. I did use Azteck Dummies excellent paint mask set to do the stripes instead of using the decals, since I think painted stripes look more realistic and are easier to weather with light sanding. About halfway into the paint job my dog got hold of the base and chewed it up pretty good, so I replaced it with a generic Polar Lights dome base. After airbrushing the base coat and masking & painting the stripes, the real fun began. I think I used every weathering technique and medium I know on one or more portions of this, it’s really liberating to do a cheap kit you’re not worried about screwing up. Finally, I thought it looked right, sealed it with Dullcoat and threw it on the base. I was surprised by the final result, it actually looked pretty good, even with the original kits short comings and no upgrades or modifications. And I feel ready to tackle the Mobius Viper

Scott Copeland

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