Scott Copeland’s Han Solo Blaster


Here’s my latest prop sci-fi gun, this is PDModelworks’ “Han Solo ANH Blaster”. This might be Sarge’s best kit to date, it’s cast off a real Mauser broomhandle pistol and a real Hensoldt scope, just like the original prop from the first Star Wars film. Because it was cast off real gun parts the fit of the black resin pieces is amazing, the slide will actually slide in it’s grooves!(See picture). Serge has parts to make all of the different versions of Solo’s blaster featured in the original trilogy, I decided to do the “classic” blaster featured in the first film and numerous promo pictures.

Construction was pretty simple and straightforward. You have to chop off the sight, triangular plate, and most of the barrel. I left about a 2″ stub of barrel coming off the receiver, then fitted a piece of 19/32 brass tubing about 2 1/2 inches long over that. The 19/32 fits snugly around the barrel stub, and the suppressor will fit snugly onto the larger brass tubing diameter. It fits together so well you shouldn’t even need putty for the joint! Everything else assembles easily with CA with no problems. I skinned the divots in the mold part lines with Nitrostan, otherwise everything else went together so well I didn’t need putty.

To finish it, I used Krylon “Ultra Flat Black” as my primer from a can, wetsanded it, then applied light coats of the Ultra Black thru the airbrush till I had a smooth basecoat. I masked the grips, then shot them with two light coats of Badger Opaque “Brown” darkened with a dab of “Burnt Sienna. I sprayed the scope mounting with some leftover high temp barbecue black paint, it gave the brackets a textured look similar to wrought iron.

After sealing the whole thing with Krylon Crystal Clear, I weathered the gun with Rub “N” Buff metallic buffable wax, I used ‘silver” on the gun itself, and ‘antique gold” on the ends and hardware of the scope to replicate the worn brass fittings used on an actual Henstoldt scope.

Sadly, the hero Solo blaster was lost sometime after the first film. For my weathering guide I used some pictures of Sarge’s build-ups he supplied with the kit, and the expensive and OOP Master Replica version of the gun.

I was very happy with this kit, at $60 it certainly is reasonable, and produces a very nice replica of the gun so many of us coveted in our youth!

Scott Copeland

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