Scott Copeland’s Dancing Groot



Here’s a quick & dirty quick project I recently finished. I found a “Electronic Dancing Baby Groot” toy at Wallyworld for $12 bucks. It danced and played “I Want You Back”, but it looked a lot more like Mr Hanky than Groot with its rubbery appearance and poor exaggerated paint job. I figured I could make it look a lot better with a little work.

It turned out to be pretty simple. I masked the pot part off along with Groot’s eyes and repainted Groot with acrylics thru my airbrush with various tans and greens, till I built up a nice organic looking matte paint scheme. A little drybrushing added depth and texture. I removed the mask from his eyes,touched them up with a brush to look less cartoony. I dabbed a little Future on his eyes to give them some shine. And Groot was pretty much finished.

The pot turned out to have an inaccurate “I am Groot!” logo in green underneath the advertising stickers. Fortunately, it came off easily with a little lacquer thinner and a paper towel. I dried out some old ground coffee grounds, then a put a light coat of white glue over the plastic “dirt” and sprinkled the coffee grounds inside the pot. The coffee ground texture covered the join between Groot’s rubber body and the plastic dirt. I dabbed some black flat paint on the orange “demo” button so it would blend in with the coffee grounds. And I was done! The grounds did a great job replicating the rich dirt.

I’m really happy with how it turned out, it’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better!

Scott Copeland

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