Scott Copeland’s Battlestar Galactica Shuttle


This is a resin garage kit of the 1/72 scale BSG shuttle from Alliance models. Really enjoyed this kit, I think you get a lot of bang for your buck with this for $70. I read a lot of moaning and kvetching from the “rivet-counters” about this nicely cast kit on various forums. The new series shuttle was supposed to be an exact reproduction of the TOS shuttle.The pattern maker used screen grabs from the new BSG pilot episode, however, the SFX footage was “stretched” prior to being broadcast as part of the aspect ratio process, so yes, this shuttle is inaccurately slimmer than the TOS shuttle and the nose angle is more pronounced. However, I loved the “new” series so it doesn’t bother me it’s faithful to the reboot version.

Construction was pretty simple, the one piece main hull is the majority of the shuttle and was very well cast. It was simple to add the engines and landing gear assembly, the pieces fit together very nicely. In hindsight, if I was rebuilding this, I’d replace the really thin styrene landing gear support rods with brass tubing, they’re really flimsy and easy to break.(mine didn’t survive the trip home from WF and had to be repaired). You could also leave them & the landing pads off for a “inflight” version like they did on the TOS with the actual filming miniature. I liked the landing gear on myself. I used my usual Duplicolor Sandable Auto Primer “Hot Rod Grey”. I also used the dark grey primer as my preshade color. Once it was primered I basecoated it with Vallejo “Light Grey”. I added the few small decals. The darker panels around the engines were masked, the “Hot Rod Grey”primered panels looked great with the “Light Grey. The windows were done with Vallejo “Black”. Then the whole thing was heavily weathered with oils thinned with odorless turpenoid, and sealed with Dullcoate.
Final touch was to mount it on the large Polar Lights base.

I really had fun with this kit, I’ve always had a fondness for ugly boxy utilitarian space craft like the Serenity and Nostromo, so the BSG shuttle has been a longtime fave. The kit was very well thought out, nicely cast, and went together easily. It would have been nice if it was the squatter TOS version, but you can’t blame a GK kit maker for a mistake folks on the show didn’t catch and/or correct! And it makes a really nice display piece, everyone seems to love it, the last picture is a composite done by my friend Joseph Frinzi, the shuttle looks really cool in space!


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