Scott Copeland’s Alien Warrior



This was a quick & fun toy conversion, I spotted this “Aliens Warrior” piggy bank from Diamond Select on the clearance shelf of my local comics store for less than $20. I liked the sculpt and size of it, but wasn’t crazy about the rough vinyl texture, monochrome paint job, and the big coin slot on the neck. So I decided to fix it.

First step was sanding it with coarse to fine to knock down some of vinyl roughness of the skin, especially on the head dome. I filled the coin slot on the neck with Apoxie and smoothed it into the tube-like surface of the neck with a wet finger till it blended in. After even more sanding, I primered the whole thing with “Black” Duplicolor Sandable Primer. As usual, then I fixed all the things I missed the primer coat revealed!

Then it was ready to paint. I tried to duplicate the distinctive “camo” paint scheme used on the “Aliens” alien suits and puppets that were quite different from the way the “Big Chap” from “Alien” was painted. I used various Vallejo and Comart acrylics, starting with the darkest colors and working up to the lightest with my airbrush. Between coats I applied light coats of Krylon “Gloss Clear” to give the “skin” some depth and a wet chitinous look, especially on forehead of the dome. Last step was to paint the teeth with Vallejo “chrome” with a detail brush.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and think it’s a big improvement over the stock look. I’ve paid a lot more for “Alien” & “Aliens” bust that weren’t nearly as big or accurate, and it only took a few hours to improve it.


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