Scott Copeland’s Alan Bean

Here’s a project I fiddled with over the last two hurricanes, it’s a toy figure of Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean made by Bandai, it’s about 6 inches tall. I didn’t think it looked too great as is, so decided to fine tune it a bit.

I puttied the huge gaps at his articulated legs and arms, I used Krylon “flat white” which actually came out looking a lot like betacloth. I carefully dremeled his painted gold opaque visor so you could see Al better. And I thought he needed a ‘snoopy” cap so I covered his head with a thin layer of green squadron putty, made two “balls’ and squished them flat to make his ear muffs. I drilled into the top of his backpack with a pin vise and added a antenna fashioned from a length of paper clip.

The wife has thought Al was pretty cool since the “Is That All There Is” episode from “From the Earth to the Moon”, so when she saw me laboring to try to mimic a shot of Al’s actual wrist checklist from his book “Apollo” with flair pens, she took a picture of the actual list and reduced it till it was in scale, then printed it on a mailing label (it’s VERY small), I stuck that on a piece of the thinnest sheet styrene I had and mounted it to his wrist. I think it looks really cool! Thanks honey!

He’s very heavily washed with grey and black acrylics thinned with windex over Krylon flat white enamel from a can. Most of the details are MM enamels painted with a brush. I used liquid mask to save the metallic paint on his patches, flags and hose connections. the hose connections would have been a REAL bear without liquid mask. his watch strap is black bare metal foil. I learned a lot from this guy, I’ve never been much for figures, but lately there’s some new kits I want to try.

Plus I picked him up for a quarter at a garage sale!

Scott Copeland

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  1. Very nice!

    (I especially liked reading how your beloved wife pitched in. Quite a gem you have there!)

    Thanks for that!

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