Scott Beckmann’s Aurora Flying Sub


These photos of a recent build of mine. The 1973 Monogram reissue of the Aurora Flying Sub.

This kit was heavily modified by me to include light effects. I cut the floor pan out to create the look from the series and lined the underside with tissue paper I colored with air brushed freak flex yellow tint. I then painted a clear piece of sheet plastic to go under it to provide a dynamic lighting effect. I then cut a sheet of clear plastic to layer onto the upper floor to level it out. All of the console dials were drilled out and back lit. Also the bunk area has a reading lamp to accent it. At the rear of the cabin I placed a red emergency egress light over the hatch. The red light carries into the engine bay.

This was a favorite kit of mine growing up. Always wanted one that lit up. Only took me 59 years to get the nerve to try.

Scott Beckmann

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