Round 2 Updates – May 2016 – Smooth Hull Enterprise!

If you recall, last month I said that Round 2 had another Star Trek project in the works.  That new product is a Smooth Saucer for the 1:350 Classic Enterprise.


The 1:350 Classic Enterprise kit from Round 2 has been a popular kit since it was first issued back in 2013.     Even so, one feature of the kit was a flash point for model builders.   Round 2 chose to engrave the grid pattern on the primary saucer hull of the model.   The Enterprise did feature a grid on the studio model, but that detail was faintly drawn with pencil.   Some model builders have argued that the engraved grid is inaccurate and many have gone to great efforts to fill in the engraved grid and sand the hull smooth.


Jamie Hood explained it this way in the Round 2 blog:

In order to serve what we considered to be the widest range of modelers, we opted to engrave the panel lines on the upper and lower saucer. We did so knowing that it might upset some, but would satisfy others that didn’t have the skill or tools to install them in pencil like the filming miniature had. We have decided it is time to reverse course and offer the saucer without the panel lines.
So look for this new part set this fall from Round 2.  The smooth hull will also correct the placement of running lights on the lower saucer.   We are now taking preorders for the Smooth Saucer in the CultTVman Hobbyshop
In addition to offering the smooth saucer separately, there will also be a new 50th Anniversary release of the 1:350 Enterprise featuring the smooth saucer and an updated painting guide.  The paint guide is  based on the findings from the Smithsonian’s new restoration of the studio model, thanks to researcher Gary Kerr.   There will also be reissues of the Enterprise light kit and the Enterprise Parts Pack with the detail parts to build the Enterprise as seen in the two pilot episodes.   We’ll take preorders on these as soon as we have pricing.
Round 2 is hoping to preview the new smooth hull at Wonderfest.

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