Round 2 updates – April 2016

Round 2 has a few updates to share with us.   Some of these kits have not been produced in a long time.   Plenty to be look forward to.


First up is the Tomorrow is Yesterday F-104 Starfighter.   This is a creative repackaging of the Lindberg F-104 kit.  It will include the 1:2500 Enterprise with a stand for a forced perspective display.   It will include decals to build the F-104 as it was seen on the tarmac in this episode.   This could be out in late May or June.

The USS Excelsior should be out in July.  This kit has been previously announced.  It is partially retooled from the existing Enterprise B tooling, restoring the parts that were lost.   The new tooling is substantially improved from the original release and includes parts for the NX and NCC versions.   Aztec decals will be available separately and are printed by Cartograf.

Currently scheduled for fall is a reissue of the Enterprise D.  It will again be molded in clear.   Aztek decals will also be available separately, printed by Cartograf.

Round 2 also is producing another run of the Enterprise light kit that should be out this summer.


The Mad Maestro will be coming from the original Lindberg tooling in May.  This has not been reissued previously and has long been hard to find.   It will be followed by The Sweatty Swatter this fall.  The Sweatty Swatter was an original Lindberg kit that was never put out.    The tooling was never quite finished.   Round 2 has finished up the tooling for its first time production.


This fall will also see a reissue of Lindberg’s 5 Spaceships of the Future set.   This is a packaging of the 5 original space kits – The Flying Saucer, Space Station, Three Stage Transport Rocket, Satellite Rocket, and the Moonship.  At this time it is not known if all the original packaging will be re-created.  This gift set was originally produced in 1957.


  • Batman Batmissile reissue from Round 2/AMT – PREORDER RESERVATION

The Batmissile was previously announced for this summer.  It will include a new backdrop, like the reissue of the ’89 Batmobile.    There will also be a Harley Quinn Beetle this summer.



Round 2 also has at least one other Trek project in the works.    It is sure to please quite a few people.   Hopefully they will be able to announce it at Wonderfest.   Stay tuned.

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