Round 2 Star Trek Sneak Peak


I received a box of kits from our friends at Round 2 a couple weeks ago.   I’ve been meaning to post photos for some time and am now just getting around to it.


Round 2 is now producing a large dome base for sale.  This will be great for larger models.  The base measures 7.5 inches.


Here is the reissue of the 1:1000 Klingon Battle Cruiser.  It is being marketed as the Romulan Battle Cruiser and comes with a really nice decal sheet of the Romulan Bird.     Certainly inspired by the Enterprise Incident.



The kit is molded in a dark metalic grey.   It also features a spue of chrome parts.   There is a new base for mounting the ship from the back side so you don’t have a stand in the middle of your decal.




The decal also includes the regular Klingon markings so it can be built as either ship.


This is the new 1:2500 scale Movie Era set featuring a new model of the Refit Enterprise, Klingon K’Tinga and Reliant.  All three ships look pretty good.



The Reliant is all new and comes on two sprues.



The Enterprise is all new and an improvement on the Refit that came with the original AMT set.



The K’Tinga is also all new and features engraved panels.


The decal sheet is very detailed.   There are a lot of decals here for the Refit and Reliant.   There are minimal markings for the K’Tinga.



Last we have the Enterprise in a lunch box.   This is the regular 1:1000 Polar Lights Enterprise packaged in a lunch box.   The lunch box features the artwork from the classic AMT kits including the Enterprise, Klingon, Romulan and Spock images.



I’m not a big fan of “tins” and this is a glorified, overpriced model packed in a small tin lunch box.    These things are heavy to ship out and have a nasty tendency to get dented.    Even this sample was banged up.   I’m sure some of you will get a kick out of it.

The Romulan Battle Cruiser is in stock now in the Cult Shop.  The Movie Cadet set and Dome will be here shortly.   If you want the lunchbox, you’ll have to buy that elsewhere as I have no plans to sell it in the shop.

Thanks to the folks at Round 2 for sending the samples.

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