Ross Waddell’s Green Goblin

This one is my Horizon Green Goblin kit, which you may recall won a Silver award at this year’s Wonderfest (First time lucky!).

“Painting this Horizon Green Goblin kit was possibly the most fun I’ve had since getting back into figure kits. I used Polly S, Liquitex and Horizan brand paints; the deep shading on his chain mail was done with a glaze made up of Liquitex Gel Medium and burnt umber paint, which you slosh on and then wipe off immediately. It’s a whole lot faster than applying 4-5 washes!

I modified his Goblin Flyer by bracing the underside with a sheet of brass for strength and rigidity. I also cut off the foot pedals and inserted brass tubing to make it look like they could rotate (accelerator, clutch?). I glued a thin strip of sheet plastic over his feet to give the illusion that he might just stay on this sucker when banking!”
Ross Waddell

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