Rolando Gutierrez’s Trade Federation Tank


I built this kit back when it was first issued. It’s a pretty fair representation of what was seen in Star Wars The Phantom Menace.

The model was built pretty much straight out of the box with the exception of adding wire for the antennas and also drilling out the barrels on the canons. The toughest challenge was the backside of the turret as it was a bad alignment. I had to do a fair amount of putty work to the area to make both halves blend together well.

Once construction was completed I then applied a coat of primer to the entire model. I then mixed my own custom colors by using acrylic artists paints and thinning them down so they were suitable for airbrushing. After airbrushing my initial colors on the model and letting them dry, I then sprayed a protective barrier coat of Testors Dull cote and also let that dry.

I finished off the model by weathering it with artist oil paints and chalk pastels to give it a battle worn look.

This was a fun kit to build and I display it with great joy along with the rest of my built models.

Rolando Gutierrez

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