Rogue One kits from Revell UPDATE


UPDATE:   We now have photos and some scale information!

We’ve got a bit of information to share about the upcoming Rogue One kits from Revell.   There will be three new “Build & Play” kits.   These are prepainted snap kits, with sound chips.    The new models  are a Revell USA project.    Previously, new Star Wars kits were produced by Revell-Germany.   There will also be one reissued kit.    I don’t have photos yet, but here is a description of the models and their features.


Rebel U-Wing Fighter –  Kit has 35 parts with rotating wings.   It can be displayed in hyper drive or flying mode.   The model will have a lighted cockpit that includes pilots.  The landing gear is removable.


Imperial AT-ACT Cargo Walker – 1:100 scale.   This model has 45 parts and features a lighted cockpit.   The legs are jointed and the feet are poseable.   The head can also be posed.


Imperial Star Destroyer – 1:4000 scale. This model will come with 46 parts and measure almost 16 inches when assembled.   It includes lighted engines and eight adjustable gun turrets.   It comes with a folding display  stand.

Republic Star Destroyer – this is a reissue of the earlier  kit.

I will post photos and more information as it becomes available.



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